Katy Perry – Wide Awake (video dubstep)

28 Jun
June 28, 2012

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Remix By: Jimmylee for The Studio Cloud
Video Edited By: Teddy Anthony
Original Song: Katy Perry – Wide Awake

Acapella was made by GlamourAcapellas

10 replies
  1. Vic says:

    All your music is AMAZING.

  2. Taylor says:

    dude, let me first start by saying wow! you take such a sweet song that appeals to so many audiences and then just add some synth and effects to it an wala! you’ve made one of the best songs i have heard yet. i read how you not in it for the money which shows you have true passion about the music, which is rad. i to started making music in high school… you have some real talent. i cant wait to see you live some day (i know the money will prevent you from performing live) but until theres i free event, i cant wait. your awesome and keep up the amazing work. i am going to share your links with everyone. ill do what i can on my end

  3. Seirra says:

    Dude.. Your music is sooooooooooo sick.. You do not get the attention you deserve!! I love your work. AMAZING! Keep making good music!

  4. Kyle says:

    Can you do “my homies still” by Lil Wayne?

  5. Matthew says:

    Great remix. I found you guys through the Call Me Maybe remix…this is awesome as well. Katy Perry is pretty good for dubstep remixes. Hopefully you can work some more stuff with her in it. I don’t like a lot of the remixes out there for a lot of the pop songs.

    Yours seem to change the song slightly while keeping the original idea intact. Other people seem to go overboard in other directions.

    For example, they either…

    1) Keep too MUCH of the song. Most 13 year olds with access to the internet can rip out the original background music and replace it with some dubstep beat, keeping the song the same but maybe changing the tempo or something. While I’m sure doing that isn’t as easy as I think it is, it sounds at least like a 15 minute job.

    2) Keep too LITTLE of the song. They have an intro or something and then it’s just ear hurting bass and distorted typical dubstep sounds, that sounds like a kid is trying to see how loud he can get his stereo to rumble the house with his $3000 stereo system in his $500 jalopy car and not really trying to produce a quality product.

    Yours is perfectly in between that keep the premise of the song but definitely make it a dubstep track. Some of the best I’ve ever heard. I actually commented on your Youtube video of Call Me Maybe, which I think might be one of maybe five videos I have ever commented on.

    Anyhow, thanks.

  6. Jacob says:

    You do seriously some of the sickest remixes out there. Simply incredible. I’d love to hear a remix of Linkin Park’s “Lies Greed Misery.” You rock, man!

  7. Chris says:

    you’ve got someone using ur song in a youtube comp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK89uLOmenQ at 20:34

  8. Jay says:

    The remix off the hook. I already like that song, but you took it to another level. The creativity is flowing.


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