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Miguel – Simple Things (tSc Dubstep Remix)

26 Feb
February 26, 2016


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Kanye West – 30 Hours (TSC Dubstep Remix)

12 Feb
February 12, 2016

The stupid fools at UMG took down the remix I made to Kanye West – 30 Hours. So, I guess I’ll just post it up here instead.

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Bad Lip Reading Remix (Cocaine) – Jimmylee & Jonmichael Dumond

09 Feb
February 9, 2016


This is a remix to the Bad Lip Reading 2016 PT1 Video. The people that work on Bad Lip Reading videos do such an amazing job and they are super funny. I suggest you check out their channel at this link!

If you are interested in some BTS for this song, we have some live streams on the channel.

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Vocals & Beat by:
instagram @jimfro

-Jonmichael Dumon-

Video Edited By: Jimmylee for Yup Video
Camera: Jimmylee, Justin Gillette, and Jonmichael Dumond
Check out the update video for info on software and keyboard.