28 May

About Us

Jimmylee Remillard started producing music in 2003. With help from Sash Mc’kay and Andy Starr, Jimmylee has grown from a tone deaf – two left feet artist, into one of the best musical producers of his generation. Damn, that sounded good. I mean, just because I’m writing this myself doesn’t make it untrue… Well,  I might have went a bit overboard with that last statement about myself…

Anyway, I started making music in my moms basement for fun, tried to do it professionally for awhile but failed miserably. Instead of being honest with myself  and admitting that I was probably really bad, I chocked it up to there not being money in music. I stopped making music and started with video production, I got really good and built a company with some guy that turned out to be the worlds biggest piece of ****. If you couldn’t tell, things didn’t end so great. Right after that I started a new video company called Yup Video with a friend of mine, Sean. After some time of being a “professional” I realized that music is what I love to do and adding money to it killed my love for it. So, I asked the love of my life, Kayla and my cousin Joey if they would want to help me with this new idea I had. Because of them, I’m  now making The Studio Cloud specifically to help artists and producers get better at making music while still putting out great stuff and having fun. Basically, I took away the money part and am now having a shit ton of fun doing this.

The Team

  • Founder – Jimmylee
  • Producer – Joey
  • Songwriter – Jonmichael
  • Street Team – Justin
  • Editor – Teddy
  • Programmer – Sean
  • The Pretty One – Kayla
  • Hype Man – Judy aka “Gram”
  • Bodyguard – Bruiser